European Sustainable Energy Week 2022

European Sustainable Energy Week 2022

*Going Green and digital for Europe´s energy transition *

This year, EUSEW returned on 26-30 September in a new hybrid format, with both participants and speakers able to participate onsite and online. The event comprised a high-level Policy Conference, the EUSEW Awards, the third European Youth Energy Day, and opportunities for 1:1 meetings, exhibition stands and other networking activities.

The European Sustainable Energy Week EUSEW is one of Europe's most significant events dedicated to energy efficiency. Every year it attracts thousands of participants, including representatives of public administration, industry experts, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, scientists and consumers. European Commission organizes EUSEW in cooperation with CINEA - European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency.

The main topics of this year's edition are issues related to efficiency, digitalization and integration of energy systems, decarbonization of energy and international cooperation.

At this event, I was the lucky one who attended. I got to know trends in the industry, established contacts and represented Preflet on an international forum.

We were there because we want to contribute to clean, secure and efficient energy solutions.

In the context of the REPowerEU (plan to accelerate the clean energy transition and increase Europe's energy independence), the event was an excellent opportunity to meet stakeholders promoting energy efficiency and renewable energies, learnt about successful policies, and inspire innovation towards meeting the EU's energy and climate goals.

How familiar are you with sustainable energy issues, new policy developments, best practices and sustainable energy ideas?

All the Eusew sessions were the perfect opportunity to discover how initiatives like this boost Europe's energy transition. The exciting and interactive sessions showed innovative solutions and current projects.

Being in front of a live audience allowed me to meet other sustainable energy enthusiasts and learn about other projects beyond those featured on the programme. It was the ideal moment to extend the Preflet network among others who are making a difference.

Preflet contacted some of the organizations within the different and several Partners of the European Sustainable Energy Week, including campaigners, researchers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and media outlets, who are working to help the EU reach its climate and energy goals.

The Networking Village was the perfect complement to the high-level Policy Conference. It provided the opportunity for all of us as participants and stakeholders to exchange ideas on policies and best practices, and it was a chance to lay the foundations for future cooperation.

The morning sessions on Day 3 based on Energy Efficiency were particularly significant.

Europe will need almost double the amount of renewable electricity by 2030 to decarbonize its economy and improve energy security. It will take at least two years before we will be able to use renewable energy, so in the meantime, what to do?

Energy efficiency is not a great challenge is a 'MUST-HAVE'. Here is the exact context of WHY Preflet is born.

Through the Energy Efficiency Directive, EU climate policy aims to deliver significant energy savings.

Energy efficiency and clean energy solutions play an essential role in a community's resilience at all levels and in the EU. Energy efficiency measures are the cheapest, safest and cleanest way to advance the REPowerEU Plan to phase-out dependence on fossil fuel imports from Russia and achieve the EU Climate and energy goals. This requires concrete actions to change behaviour, mobilize investments and empower consumers and citizens. The Life Clean Energy Transition sub-programme (LIFE-CET) has opened a new chapter of market uptake and policy implementation toward an energy-efficient, renewable energy-based economy.

It was clear since the first session of the day what the main message shared within the audience; the best energy is the energy we don't use, and the best energy is the energy we can save.

I still remember the inspiring and initial speech made by Paula Pinho , Director for Just Transition, Consumers, Energy Efficiency and Innovation in DG Energy,

She introduced what is at stake and areas where more needs to be done, and she said, "guess what? To each of these three crises, Climate Change, Covid, and now Energy, Energy efficiency is a reply to tackle the three of them. Energy efficiency is the cheapest, the cleanest and the safest energy."

Other brilliant sessions were in the afternoon on day four based on the DECARBONIZATION topic.

The European energy-intensive industry is keen on becoming a front-runner in decarbonization through scaling-up green tech solutions. Achieving the EU Green Deal objectives brings challenges to the industrial ecosystem.

The European Sustainable Energy Week 2022 was a fantastic opportunity to listen to discuss solutions and share ideas at a crucial time for Europe's energy transition.

Preflet was there to do its part and ready to take action through our technology.

See us next year.

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