New Energy AI Platform enables significant energy savings & emissions reductions

New Energy AI Platform enables significant energy savings & emissions reductions

Introducing Preflet Energy AI Platform, a new digital solution for commercial buildings that helps facility and energy managers save energy costs and lower carbon emissions.

Our cloud-based SaaS tool connects with existing smart meters and then processes the building’s energy and climate data with machine learning to analyse this data and identify patterns. Once these patterns are identified, Preflet can immediately act without compromising comfort. It further centralises critical building operations, providing deep analytics, data visualisation, and real-time tracking of equipment runtime hours, temperatures, and energy costs.

Preflet is an intuitive, comprehensive, and accessible digital tool leading to significant energy savings and reductions in emissions. It’s hardware agnostic, open, and highly flexible, making it suitable for small and medium commercial buildings. Facility and energy managers can gain a holistic view of their commercial buildings’ portfolio across the globe and meet budget and energy targets effectively. The platform offers easy onboarding and supports strict regulations, meeting industry standards and corporate sustainability goals. We are launching in Italy, Portugal, Germany, Spain, and Sweden.

It’s a powerful new tool that addresses customer demands amid today’s energy challenges and the need to lower energy costs. Buildings consume more than 30% of the world’s energy and generate nearly 40% of global CO2 emissions.

Preflet’s cleantech solution is designed to bring costs under greater control and establish the baseline and path towards full building decarbonisation.

In conclusion, Preflet Software is a dynamic building energy intelligence system that provides critical insights into building energy usage, offering opportunities for energy savings of up to 30%, emissions reduction, and maintenance cost savings. It’s an excellent tool for facility managers targeting energy efficiency, providing actionable insights that can deliver significant savings, efficiency, and environmental impact.

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