South Summit 2023 Madrid

South Summit 2023 Madrid

Preflet’s recent attendance at South Summit Madrid as a finalist was a thrilling and meaningful experience. The event brought together a whopping 17,000 people from 125 countries, including 6,500 entrepreneurs, 6,000 executives, and 2,000 investors, with almost $326 billion in funds under management.

But what made this event truly special was the recognition that Preflet received for its commitment to driving positive change. We had the opportunity to pitch our hardware agnostic solution to some of the most influential players in the Spanish ecosystem, establishing meaningful partnerships and networking opportunities that could lead to substantial growth.

More than that, South Summit Madrid celebrated the power of collaboration and networking. By bringing together a diverse range of industry leaders, investors, and startups, the event was a breeding ground for new ideas, insights, and connections.

As Preflet we reflect on our amazing experience and, more than ever we recognize the importance of sustainability in today’s world. By intertwining innovation and sustainability seamlessly, we can all create a future that thrives on responsible energy consumption and a greener planet.

The possibilities are endless, and we are excited to showcase our AI technology that empowers businesses to make environmentally responsible choices.

In conclusion, looking forward to the next #SouthSummit24!