The Importance of sustainability for building owners

The Importance of sustainability for  building owners

As a small building owner, you may feel overwhelmed by the growing demand for energy-efficient building practices and sustainability concerns. Rising energy costs, challenging regulations, and sustainability concerns are driving this trend, making it necessary to implement upgrades for energy efficiency. However, budget constraints can complicate this, especially compared to more prominent property owners who have invested significantly in sustainability initiatives.

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive E.P.B.D. in Europe sets energy performance thresholds for existing non-residential buildings, targeting a 25% improvement for the worst-performing buildings by 2034. Smaller and medium-sized buildings need to catch up in energy efficiency efforts due to lower budgets and less professional management, facing challenges such as complicated retrofits and limited space for upgrades. Age is also a significant challenge for building owners. Many of them are older and require cumbersome and costly energy retrofits that pose a risk of uncovering features that violate modern building codes.

Despite these challenges, building owners remain committed to sustainability and seek innovative solutions for energy efficiency. They understand the need to keep up with the requirements of new regulations and technologies. They continue searching for innovative solutions to help them achieve energy efficiency in their buildings.

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